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Banking Products


We offer a range of deposit products to meet your needs. You can take advantage of our special interest rates and features on your deposit account (such as being able to make a demand draft without being charged). We will also provide you with priority in processing, for any product or service.
You also get the benefit of the following:


Use any bank’s ATM:

You get unlimited access to ATMs of any bank. You can withdraw cash or check your balance free of charge at ATMs of any bank.

Other Services

  • Discounted charges on the rental rates of safety lockers in our branches*
  • Waiver of charges on demand drafts and pay orders
  • Free multi-city cheque book

RFC Savings Account

A Resident Foreign Currency (RFC) Account is a great choice if you are a Non-Resident Indian but have now returned to India permanently and need an account for the money you have in foreign currencies. The interest your income earns is repatriable. You can maintain your RFC Account in US dollars and British pounds.

RFC Accounts

If you are a Non Resident Indian who has permanently returned to India, you will find our Resident Foreign Currency (RFC) Deposit Account ideal for managing the money you have in foreign currencies. You can hold an RFC Deposit Account from 30 days to 3 years. The currencies you can put into this account are US dollars, British pounds, Euros and Japanese yen. The interest your money earns is repatriable.